Super Spellers is an exciting new spelling game which has been designed to support children aged between 5-11 when learning how to spell.


The main game feature is to support schools to help students learn and retain spellings. This will be achieved through a range of games. The spellings within the games cover the national curriculum in England and follow English Appendix 1.


Research on gamification has been applied to the concept, allowing students to make mistakes without consequences and enabling players to go through periods of both intense activity and relative inactivity, so that they can pause and reflect on the tasks and the results they have accomplished.

Learning through repetition is also an element applied to this concept. As this skill is practised over days and weeks, the activity becomes easier and easier while innately forcing the skill to a subconscious level where it becomes permanently stored to be recalled and habitual use at any time.


The first game to launch will be called Universal. This game supports the learning and retaining of common exceptions and national curriculum words set out by the Department of Education.


Win super coins as you fly up the skyscraper by correctly spelling each word. Reach the crystal within the time limit to win a bonus.


 Teachers will be able to set groups of words for their class on a weekly basis (refer to teacher’s zone for further information). Students will be able to login at school or at home to play and learn their weekly spellings. A training zone will allow the student to practise the words set as many times as they want while constantly winning super coins. Once they feel confident that they know their spellings, they can then take the spelling mission. If all spellings are spelt correctly, a reward will be given; this will be shown on a leaderboard and the players’ profile page. In order to make it relevant to a child’s ability, a timer can be set by the teacher to allow more or less time for the task, or no timer at all depending on each individual.*

Training Zone

Don’t panic you will have plenty of time in 

The universal training zone to prepare your hero for the mission. 

Galaxy Invasion

There’s been an invasion! Rebuild the Galaxy by finding the correct letters and spell the word to complete the sentence.

Galaxy Invasion will cover all spelling requirements and spelling rules in a sentence format.  

Launching Early 2021


A fun and exciting game to encourage experimenting with spellings


Earn super coins for each letter in a correct spelling. The bigger the word, the more coins you earn.

Launching Early 2021

Teacher Zone

 With teachers’ workload ever increasing, we have worked hard on making this part of the game as simple as possible, with as few clicks as possible.


Teachers will receive their own login, which will give them access to their class. To set the spellings for the week or weeks ahead, it will only require a simple click on the game they want to set. If there are students that require fewer or additional spellings depending on their ability, a filter system can be set up to allow the program to adapt to that requirement.


Teachers will be able to review their class results either as an entire class or individually.

The results for each student will show the number of games played by day, week or month as well as the scores each time they take the mission and the words that were misspelt.

Each teacher will also have access to the leaderboard in order to reward in class assemblies or on notice boards.

Dyslexia Font

Dyslexia is a very varied condition so the difficulties can be different from person to person.


Enabling the OpenDyslexic font on the site, is an option we will be providing, to aid children who have dyslexia, helping them to navigate the site easier.

What makes those fonts easier to read for people with dyslexia is the shape of the letters. OpenDyslexic weight the bottom of the letter shapes, which helps the letters from appearing to move around and helps the reader to tell the difference between mirror letters like ‘b’ and ‘d’.


The leaderboard will show each student per school and can be filtered into year groups and classes. It will collate super coins, badges and hero status. To prevent the same students always being at the top, a filter showing most improved will be available. 

The leaderboard provides instant feedback, which will encourage longer game play, which, in this instance, will embed the spelling learnt. 

Overview of the concept and design. 

Each student will have their own unique superhero name and avatar. By playing the game they will earn rewards such as coins and super powers to allow their avatar to become the ultimate super hero! 

Power Badges will be rewarded once a spelling mission has been completed successfully. Badges will allow players to level up. By introducing this reward system, it will provide more intermediate goals for the game, to ensure that the player is not only focused on the immediate task but does not lack interest once completed. 

*The final game images and characters may differ from the Website as it is only a prototype


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