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Super Spellers is an exciting new spelling game, designed to support children aged 5-11 with building core spelling skills. Set in a dynamic gaming environment, Super Spellers allows students to strengthen their confidence in spelling, combining comic-style characters and fun score building functionality to heighten engagement and make learning fun.  

Achieved through a range of exciting games and adhering to English Appendix 1, the Super Spellers platform employs research in the gamification of learning experience to enhance knowledge retention.  

Super Spellers focuses on building up habitual, subconscious references for phonemic and phonological awareness, as well as working constructively over time to develop students’ sub-vocalisation skills, all essential for cementing dependable spelling skills. Super Spellers supports the learning and retaining of all spelling rules set out by the Department for Education. 

 Schools see super spelling test results!

"Super Spellers is a useful support tool for helping children learn their weekly spellings. The children love using the game and are spending hours practising their spellings at home, determined to win more badges. Our spelling results have improved massively over the past few weeks of usage, with the majority of children scoring full marks and remembering and applying this knowledge to their daily writing. The game also works well for children with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, who also enjoy the game and have shown

great improvement in spelling since"

Miss Gursoy

Year 6 Teacher, English Subject Leader

Bonneygrove Primary School

Overview of the concept and design. 

Each child will have their own unique superhero name and avatar. By playing the game they will earn rewards such as Super Coins and Power Badges to allow their avatar to become the Ultimate Superhero! 

Power Badges will be rewarded once a spelling mission has been completed successfully. Badges will allow players to level up. By introducing this reward system, it will provide more intermediate goals for the game, to ensure that the player is not only focused on the immediate task but does not lack interest once completed. 

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Answer all your spellings correctly to increase your power. The mission is to save the crystal from the top of the tower. Earn Super Coins as you play. Don’t forget to train every day!


Super Spellers Mission Zone Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 13.36.50.png

Children learn at varied paces, so, in order to ensure they’re given maximum opportunity to build confidence in their spelling and be positively reinforced, whether at home or in school, we’ve developed the Super Spellers platform to be rewarding of engagement and trial efforts.

They’re able to practise in the Training Zone as many times as they need, to build up core understanding of their spelling lists set by their teachers or parents, via the easy to use Teacher/Parent Zone. Winning Super Coins will encourage positive engagement within the educational platform. When they’re ready to move on, children can take on the Mission Zone, where they’re able to put to the test the great skills they’ve built up during their practise runs. Wherewith successful completion, children are given a special reward, which is ranked on the shared leaderboard. 

Training Zone

Don’t panic you will have plenty of time in 

The Universal Training Zone to prepare your hero for the mission. 

Super spellers_Training_21.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 13.52.20.png

Dyslexia Font

Dyslexia is a very varied condition so the difficulties can be different from person to person.


Enabling the OpenDyslexic font on the site, is an option we will be providing, to aid children who have dyslexia, helping them to navigate the site easier.

What makes those fonts easier to read for people with dyslexia is the shape of the letters. OpenDyslexic weight the bottom of the letter shapes, which helps the letters from appearing to move around and helps the reader to tell the difference between mirror letters like ‘b’ and ‘d’.


The leaderboard will show each student per school and can be filtered into year groups and classes. It will collate Super Coins, Badges and Hero Status.  

The leaderboard provides instant feedback, which will encourage longer game play, which, in this instance, will embed the spelling learnt. 


Key Benefits of using Super Spellers 

Learning to spell well is really useful if we want our children to become confident writers. If they are constantly stopping to think about how words are spelt while they write, it can interrupt their thinking about important parts of writing, like word choice and sentence construction. If they’re confident spellers, they’re also much more likely to make adventurous vocabulary choices. There’s a lot more to being a strong writer than spelling, but confidence in spelling can make a big difference. 

  • Encourage children's engagement with spelling and writing.

  • Support reluctant and struggling spellers.

  • Embed learning through a multisensory approach.

  • Help to build confidence.

  • Monitor to identify areas of difficulty and support continued progress.


What our heroes are saying.......

 Electric Unicorn

"I love playing Super Spellers and winning Power Badges. I am at the top of the leaderboard for my year"

 Agent Shine

"I really like the Mission Zone, especially when I get all my spellings correct. I like the leaderboard it makes me play more to be at the top"

 Galactic Diamond

"The Super Spellers  game helps us to learn and have fun at the same time"

 Ice eagle

"Learning spellings used to be boring for me because it used to be on paper and was very repetitive. I enjoy Super Spellers because it's more fun and colourful and my parent's love me doing homework and this counts"

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