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bringing fun to weekly spellings in the classroom and at home

Teacher Zone


The workload of teachers is increasing all the time, that’s

why we’ve developed Super Spellers with ease of use and management in mind.

Once assigned a personal login, teachers are able to set spelling activities on a weekly or extended

period basis with a simple click from a selection of existing lists, or, for added personalisation, set specific spelling tests and targets for individual students.


At the end of the week, when students have completed their spelling lists, teachers can review and track results through an intuitive dashboard, putting student progress and data on where further development might be needed right at their fingertips.

Teachers can also access class leader boards, ensuring the transferring of rewards from the platform into the classroom environment.

Teacher zone features

  • Easy to create class and student set up.

  • Pre-set word lists following national curriculum guidelines. Review and set from pre-set word lists applied from English Appendix 1.

  • Create your own word lists. Use this feature to set up a spelling test with words relating to a particular subject for the week or term.

  • Create word lists for students' abilities using sets.

  • Forward plan your spelling tests for the terms ahead.

  • Case-sensitive word lists available to set words beginning with a capital letter.

  • Set a timer on the Mission Zone to enhance the gameplay.

  • Shareable customised word lists.

  • Review students’ test results.

  • Reward for effort and results. Filter class results by playtime to reward the effort a student has applied, not just the number of coins they have accumulated.

  • Send students private messages to congratulate or give feedback on words they are consistently spelling incorrectly.

  • Students can play in the classroom and at home.

student Zone

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 13.40.26.png

Children can practise in the training zone as many times as they need, to build up core understanding of their spelling lists set by their teachers or parents, via the easy to use Teacher/Parent Zone.

Winning Super Coins will encourage positive engagement within the educational platform. When they’re ready to move on, children can take on the Mission Zone, where they’re able to put to the test the great skills they’ve built up during their practise runs.

Wherewith successful completion, children are given a special reward, which is ranked on the shared leaderboard. 

School zone

Student zone features

  • Fun, exciting, engaging spelling game.

  • Designed for children aged 5-11.

  • Gamification applied.

  • Personalised username and avatar.

  • Competitive leaderboard.

  • Level up process to allow your hero to become the Ultimate Super Speller.

  • Reward for effort and results. Be rewarded for the amount of gameplay you achieve in a week.

  • Adaptable for students' level of learning. Spelling tests can differ for each child depending on their ability.

  • Play against the clock.

  • Receive messages and feedback from your teacher.

  • Play at school and at home.

Parent Zone

Parent zone.bmp

The traditional look, cover, write and check method can be boring and dull for some children when it comes to learning their weekly spellings.

Super Spellers allows parents to input their children's weekly spellings they have been set from school or use our pre set word lists covering all words set out by the Department for Education. Word lists have been broken down into year groups making it simple for you to apply to your child's age.

Your children can train their hero in the Training Zone before taking on the spelling mission where their spelling retention will be put to the test.

They will earn Super Coins and Power Badges to encourage gameplay and compete against other heroes on the parent platform to achieve top of the leaderboard status!

Parent Zone
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