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Offer applies to school and teacher subscriptions only, excludes family subscriptions

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 We offer competitive pricing, with concessions for small schools. 

School & Teacher Subscriptions

*Excluding VAT

Price Plan A*


Every Year

41-100 Students

Price Plan B*


Every Year

101-300 Students

Price Plan C*


Every Year

301-450 Students

Price Plan D*


Every Year

451-650 Students

Price Plan E*


Every Year

650+ Students

Price Plan F*


Every Year

Teacher Plan

up to 40 Students

Included in the school yearly subscription

  • Resources for school use

  • All teacher and student features 

  • Unlimited teacher licenses 

  • Individual student statistics 


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​​Welcome to Super Spellers.​​

Your account will be created within 24 hours upon which you will receive your personal login details. The email address provided will be responsible for the initial set up.​​

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We look forward to working with you and supporting your heroes to become Ultimate Super Spellers!.

Included in the teacher yearly subscription

  • Spelling platform for personal use only 

  • Unlimited custom word lists & pre-set word lists 

  • Full teacher and student features 

  •  Individual student statistics 

The 30- day free trial will automatically roll over to a yearly subscription for your school. An invoice will be sent though to the email address provided a week before your free trial expires. You can cancel at any time within the 30 day trial period by emailing

Family Subscriptions

  • Family Yearly Plan*

    Every year
    • Up to 5 child accounts
    • Up to 2 parent accounts
    • Unlimited customised word lists
    • Access to pre-set word lists
    • Competitive leaderboards
    • Individual child statistics
  • Family Monthly Plan*

    Every month
    • Up to 5 child accounts
    • Up to 2 parent accounts
    • Unlimited customised word lists
    • Access to pre-set word list
    • Competitive leaderborads
    • Individual child statistics
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